Matt Thomas, iOS Developer

Automating Xcode Builds & Distribution

Here is my PhillyCocoa talk on Automating Xcode Builds & Distribution.


My UIViewController Container PhillyCocoa Presentation

Last Thursday I did a presentation on UIViewController Containers for PhillyCocoa.

The example Card Stack Controller project I wrote can be found on github. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions, corrections, or other thoughts.

update: If you’re having trouble running it on Xcode 4.2, please get the latest from the repository. I fixed a bug that caused a crash when built with Xcode 4.2

Writing a “String to Number” Function in C

Years ago I was in a job interview where the employer took me to a whiteboard and asked me to implement atoi() in C. They also asked me to talk about any issues with my implementation. While there is hardly any reason to implement atoi() yourself nowadays, sometimes it’s good practice to try it anyway.

Cheap & Easy Buttons for iOS Developers

The UIButton controls in iOS are very basic. Just a white rounded rectangle with a gray border and a label. They’re made to look similar to a single grouped UITableView cell. Because of this, it’s easy to end up with a boring iOS app without creating your own images for button. So what’s a developer to do?